Your Mum Talk Show

‘Your Mum’ is a proposed talk show where celebrity guests impersonate their mothers during their TV appearance promoting their latest projects. Examples where this has happened on previous shows are described and embedded below.

Jeff Garlin asks Larry David to mimic his mother who was sceptical of David’s potential basketball career:

Norm Macdonald impersonates his mother misunderstanding news about Liza Minnelli. 7 January 1998:

Mike Myers demonstrates to Jimmy Fallon using his native Liverpudlian accent how his mother is unimpressed by the Canadian government’s decision to produce a postage stamp in his honour:

Hank Azaria imitates his mother who Stephen Colbert thinks sounds like the Simpson’s cartoon character Moe:

K.D. Lang explains how her mother disapproved of her famous cover shot with Cindy Crawford:

David Letterman interviewed by Tom Brokaw in 1993. David Letterman impersonates his mother when she came to see him backstage after his first ever standup comedy performance. In 1993 David Letterman left NBC for CBS and the story is Tom Brokaw asked for an interview with the offer of a fishing trip anywhere in the US. Letterman chose the lake in Central Park: